Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You can probably expect releases every 1 to 2 weeks.  It's me vs. 4 volumes of awesome reaction faces, and I work full shifts 6 days a week.  Not to mention I just picked up Heart of the Swarm and I just got addicted to Tera.  Don't expect much in the cleaning department.  I'm honestly probably going to continue to noob it up with copious amounts of outer glow.  I'm a beginner translator so that really takes a lot of work.  By the time I get to cleaning the raws and redrawing, I don't feel like spending much time on it.  Hopefully the typos and errors will go down when I actually proofread it before uploading.

I might pick up Kiniro Mosaic as well.  It's a 4-koma as well and another group was doing it, but hasn't released a new chapter in a long time.  I have some raws for it, but they're kind of crappy.  If I do it I'll order the tanks.  The anime is slotted for the Summer season.

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  1. Ty for the update man keep up the great work and don't give the quality to much thought like I said before you are the only person bringing this to the fans atm