Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Fake] Aiura 11

Real release sometime soon.

We've decided to change how we translate some things.  The way we were translating some things weren't as true to the original as we liked.  We weren't capturing the nuance.  So, with a lot of help from taketori, we've come up with something that we think is more faithful to the original, has better flow, and gives you a chance to see the character tics better.  Enjoy.



  1. Too much weaboonese, too little nuance and faithfulness to the original.
    Protip: Only use kanji. The harder the better. No furigana or kana allowed! That way you'll reach the ultimate nuance and faithfulness.

    I'll be waiting for your ultimate scanlation. -_-

  2. I've always felt reading this manga that I was understanding more than most of the characters were. Now I don't understand a thing creating a more authentic experience. Thank you Ara Scans.

  3. I'm just there to tell you there were mistakes^^
    -It's "Ogocchau" not "Ogotsuchau"
    -"Shaneru no baggu" not "bakku"
    Well there's other mistakes that I'm too lazy to search again for.
    If you want to do that kind of joke, do it right...

    1. I'm just here to tell you we don't give a shit about mistakes in a joke script. I was, you know, actually working on translating and making a real script. But, thanks for caring?

    2. taketori here.

      First off, as Muirasan said, this is a joke script and you can't seriously expect us to take tons of time to do this if you don't want everything else to be delayed. If you read the credits, you'll see that I was the "TL" for this release.
      If I made any mistakes, they would be because:
      1. This was just for fun and I'm not going to waste my time perfecting something that people aren't really supposed to read through anyway.
      2. I don't actually study Japanese so I may have misread っ as つ or missed dakuten.
      As Muirasan already said, the reason this wasn't checked was because he has better things to do than proofread a joke script.

  4. so will this have an actual English translation?

  5. It's a joke post, they will make the proper translation soon.

  6. Lol. Funny if trolling or joking. If youre not I think you need to sit and reflect or seek help, because you have some issues that will make your real life miserable

  7. I don't get it. You said you loved the series, but are willing to drop it if things don't go your way. Does that mean you care more for your ego than the actual series?

  8. I wanted to take a look at Ara Scans, as there hasn't been a Kotoura release in ages, and was curious to see a fake release.
    But... the link to the 1600 version, links to the real release, so I was rather confused as to what the joke was, at first.