Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[April Fools] Gakkou no Sensei END

As many of you guessed, it is indeed an April Fools release.
This chapter is a collection of pages from 3 different chapters.  The only picture changed was the one above in this post.  The original is:

Much of the dialogue was changed.  A couple other panels had boxes added to them to indicate the time/day in order to make transitions less awkward.  However, there are shades of truth to this release; they are actual pages from volume 5.  All told it only took about 4 hours from scan to release to make.

Besides the melancholy that comes with a series ending, the actual end is not depressing.

For spoilers about this chapter, open the box below

- That boy and Sakura do go out on a date
- Sakura is to be fired
- Though they get friendly, Misora and Sakura do not become a couple
- The ending can be seen as a happy ending

[April Fools] Gakkou no Sensei 35


  1. I would normally say thanks for the release... but dam, that was depressin. Heres to hopin that this was an Aprils fool joke and theres an extra chapter or somethin.

  2. God, that was a fucking awful ending.

  3. This can't be real right?

  4. This is the worst ending I've ever read if this is real... its so depressing T^T
    Please tell me that this is just fake..I dont want this..

  5. Best April joke ever!
    If not then you've gained some middle fingers.

  6. wait are the spoiler real if they are it still depressing

  7. This sure got /u/ riled up.

  8. Well played. Seriously, that was extremely well done.

  9. so in the end sakura still get fired right? bad. super bad ending

  10. Thanks to this, interest in the series is dead forever.